MEGACLIMA HVAC+R exhibition in Africa
MEGACLIMA HVAC+R exhibition in Africa
MEGACLIMA HVAC+R exhibition in Africa
MEGACLIMA HVAC+R exhibition in Africa
MEGACLIMA HVAC+R exhibition in Africa
Date: 2023/03/30 -- 2023/04/01  
Organizer: Elanexpo
Country: Kenya
Area: 8000sqm
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Exhibition Detail
Exhibition basic information
  • Date: 2023/03/30-2023/04/01
  • Period: Annually
  • City: Nairobi
  • Location: Harambee Avenue,Nairobi, Kenya
  • Venue: Kenyatta International Convention Center, Nairobi, Kenya.
  • Pavilion area: 8000sqm
  • Exhibition Scale: 5000+
  • Organizer:
  • Exhibition Range: Ventilation and air conditioning system equipment, Heat pump and other heating systems and equipment, Refrigeration system and accessories, Installation system
Exhibition introduction


Kenya International HVAC, Refrigeration, Air Conditioning and Air Purification Exhibition is your first choice to explore the East African market. It will attract exhibitors and visitors from all over the world. The exhibition will establish good business relations with exporters, land investors, major investment agents, manufacturers, academia, chambers of commerce and trade unions. Kenya is located in the East African plateau, across the equator, southeast near the Indian Ocean, with Tanzania, Uganda, Sudan, Ethiopia, Somalia bordering, is a trade transit center in East Africa. Kenya's economy developed rapidly after independence, and it is one of the countries with better economic conditions in Africa. We will implement a "mixed economy" system with the private sector as the mainstay and various economic forms coexisting, with the private sector accounting for 70 percent of the overall economy. Agriculture, service industry and industry are the three pillars of the national economy, and tea, coffee and flowers are the three foreign exchange earning projects of agriculture. Tourism is more developed, as one of the main foreign exchange earning industries. Industry is relatively well developed in East Africa. Kenya's construction industry is growing rapidly. Funding for the rehabilitation and reconstruction of roads and Bridges and Kenya's urban transport infrastructure program has surged. Construction opportunities lie in the construction of residential, commercial and industrial buildings as Kenya's population increases. It is the gateway and transportation hub of Africa, and its ports have strong trade radiation capacity to neighboring countries. The only fulcrum of the Belt and Road Initiative in Africa is one of the biggest recipients of Chinese investment. Kenya has a stable exchange rate, no foreign exchange control, foreign companies can freely import and export profits, basically deregulated prices. The social and political environment is relatively safe and stable, the investment environment is good, and corruption is relatively light among African countries. Kenya's government promotes Vision2030, which aims to join the newly industrialized and moderately developed countries by 2030. Products manufactured and processed in Kenya enjoy preferential tariffs in most European and American countries. Chinese companies are expected to make more profits by investing in production in Kenya.



Ventilation and air conditioning system equipment: air conditioner, fan, fan coil, heat exchanger, air filter, air purifier, air handling unit, air filter, humidifier, dryer, air duct;
Heat pump and other heating systems and equipment: burners, boilers, heaters, suspended boilers, renewable and alternative energy sources, water heaters, stoves
Refrigeration system and accessories: refrigerant, cooling tower, refrigeration system, cold storage room, cold chain equipment, compressor and refrigeration components, etc
Installation system: installation components, oil and gas system radiator, pipeline valves, pumps, superchargers, etc.





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History Exhibition

Mega Clima Kenya 2019

  • Date: 2019/11/11-2019/11/13
  • Period: Annually
  • Country: Kenya
  • Location: The Sarit Expo Centre
  • Venue: Sarit Expo Centre
  • Pavilion area: 2000sqm
  • Exhibition Scale: 10000
  • Organizer:
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