3rd Asia Cold Chain Show 2017
3rd Asia Cold Chain Show 2017
3rd Asia Cold Chain Show 2017
3rd Asia Cold Chain Show 2017
3rd Asia Cold Chain Show 2017
3rd Asia Cold Chain Show 2017
3rd Asia Cold Chain Show 2017
Date: 2017/04/27 -- 2017/04/29  
Organizer: Manch Exhibitions (Thailand) Co., Ltd
Country: Thailand
Area: 34,767 sq.ft gross area
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Exhibition Detail
Exhibition basic information
  • Date: 2017/04/27-2017/04/29
  • Period: Annually
  • City: Bangkok
  • Location: 88 Bangna-Trad Road Km 1, Bangna, Bangkok 10260, Thailand
  • Venue: Bangkok International Trade & Exhibition Centre (BITEC)
  • Pavilion area: 34,767 sq.ft gross area
  • Exhibition Scale: 5,814
  • Organizer:
    Manch Exhibitions (Thailand) Co., Ltd
  • Exhibition Range: Cold supply chain companies Leading manufacturers from Food, Pharmaceutical, Marine and Horticulture industry. Retail chains Food & Meat Processing Units Cold Storage Owners Cold Transport Companies Importers & Distributors of equipment and spares Government departments and trade associations
Exhibition introduction

About the show

3rd Asia Cold Chain Show (ACCS) a focused exhibition & conference on Cold Chain, Cold Logistics, Cold Transport, Cold Storages, Material Handling & Cold Supply Chain sectors. The exhibition will give you chance to meet end-user industry professionals face-to-face. The event is an annual meeting place for cold chain industry stakeholders from domestic & international markets.

Asia Cold Chain Show features every aspect of the cold supply chain industry which includes from designing, building and maintaining cold storage to the temperature controlled transport and distribution of the perishable goods.

Visitor includes cold storage owners, sea food, frozen food, dairy products, ice-cream, pharmaceutical, retail, poultry, meat products, fruits & vegetables exporters and other users of the cold chain technologies.

Warehousing & Cold Chain Summit, a two day concurrent conference will also take place on 27 & 28 April 2017 and would focus on New Business, New Markets: The Way Forward for Warehousing & Cold Chain Business in ASEAN.

About the organizer:  Manch Exhibitions is a specialist trade show and professional conference organiser based in India and Thailand. Their objective is to create a portfolio of events which caters to a variety of industry sectors while providing them with meaningful platforms for business, learning and networking.

Manch is an active member of trade bodies such as UFI – The global association of the exhibition industry, AFECA, EXSA, JCCI and IEIA. The company also formed Reed Manch Exhibitions India, a JV company in partnership with Reed Exhibitions, UK in 2012.


The objective of the event is to capture the interest of service providers and end-user industry to discuss new challenges faced today, explore machinery and equipment available and learn about innovations. Currently, Southeast Asia is experiencing a period of transition where both technology as well as economy is changing constantly. It is therefore important for professionals from various sectors to understand the trends, study the markets and find out solutions. With the medium of ACCS 2017, Manch Exhibitions gives you the opportunity to gather and understand the changing cold chain market in ASEAN. Around 100 Exhibitors from over 14 countries including Thailand, Italy, Singapore, Malaysia, China, United Kingdom and  more are participating and are showcasing over 350 equipments, machineries and solutions at the event.

The show garnered contribution from leading associations including Warehouse Silo and Cold Storage Business Association , Cold Chain Association of Indonesia, Federation of Cold Storage Association of India, Agriculture and Food Marketing Association for Asia and the Pacific, Hongkong Logistics Association, Thai Airfreight Forwarders Association, Federation of Malaysia Freight Fowarders and Supply Chain & Logistics Association of Australia.

Visitors from Agro & Agriculture, Fisheries, Dairy, Horticulture, Hotel, Restaurants, Fast Food Chains, Fruits & Vegetables, Food Grains, Retail, Processed & Packaged Foods, Pharmaceutical, Seafood and many other sectors which are regular users of cold storages, temperature controlling techniques, materials handling and cold logistics will get a chance to see a variety of products and solutions required in a refrigerated warehouse. 

Adding value to your visiting experience will be the Warehousing & Cold Chain Summit, where expert speakers from various end-user companies will partake and share their knowledge with the attendees. Conference delegates will get a chance to interact with the panelist (speakers) and gather information on latest technologies in the market.

Prominent conference topics covered:

  • Evolution of Cold Chain as the Spine of Food Business in ASEAN
  • Explore the business opportunities in supply chain & temperature controlled logistics in key emerging markets of ASEAN
  • Monitoring Solutions: A Case Study in Improving Compliance, Operational Efficiency and Providing Full Visibility in the Pharmaceutical Supply Chain
  • Building an Efficient Risk Management, Packaging and Monitoring Strategy to Develop and Maintain Quality of the Cold Chain Process
  • Evaluating importance of reefer transport solutions to maintain quality standards of fresh produce

The event is free to visit. For visitor registration and more information please visit www.AsiaColdChainShow.com

For press information please contact: Nidhi Singh | +66-617361478, +66  98 867 5506 | nidhi@manchcommunications.com | www.AsiaColdChainShow.com


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History Exhibition

The 2nd International Exhibition and Conference on Cold Chain and Logistics-Asia Cold Chain Show 2016

  • Date: 2016/07/06-2016/07/08
  • Period: 1 Year
  • Country: Thailand
  • Location: 88 Bangna-Trad Road Km 1 Bangna Bangkok 10260 Thailand
  • Venue: Bangkok International Trade & Exhibition Centre (BITEC)
  • Pavilion area: 50,400 square metres
  • Exhibition Scale: 3000
  • Organizer:
    Manch Communications
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