HVACR  PS Southeast Asia 2016
HVACR  PS Southeast Asia 2016
HVACR  PS Southeast Asia 2016
HVACR  PS Southeast Asia 2016
HVACR  PS Southeast Asia 2016
HVACR PS Southeast Asia 2016
Date: 2016/11/23 -- 2016/11/25  
Organizer: Informa Exhibitions Pte Ltd
Country: Indonesia
Area: 6000
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Exhibition Detail
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  • Date: 2016/11/23-2016/11/25
  • Period: annual
  • City: Jakarta
  • Location: Jakarta International Expo
  • Venue: Jakarta International Convention and Exhibition Center
  • Pavilion area: 6000
  • Exhibition Scale: 20000
  • Organizer:
    Informa Exhibitions Pte Ltd
  • Exhibition Range:
Exhibition introduction

HVACR / PS Southeast Asia (formerly known as HVACR/PS Indonesia) is the gathering point for the industry’s manufacturers, suppliers and vendors and will serve to meet the pressing demands and needs of buyers looking for new technology and products, and be a showcase of the very latest on HVACR and Industrial applications and solutions.
In 2016, we are expanding the target market to Southeast Asia, to include the buoyant markets in the region. Southeast Asia is poised for growth, with increasing demand in the industrial sector from the developing markets.

Gathering all industry professionals from all over the world, the HVACR/PS Southeast Asia 2016 is an ideal platform to not only view and experience exclusive product launches, meet, interact and network with fellow industry professionals but also an avenue to obtain the latest news, trends and happenings within the industry.

Poised with a vast amount of business opportunities and potential with the supportive governmental policies and huge investment plans to improve the infrastructure in the country over the next few years, Indonesia could well become the 3rd fastest growing economy amongst the world’s wealthy industrial countries and the world’s 7th largest economy by 2030.

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